Sue Hewitson

Sue HewitsonIn 2013, Sue Hewitson of Jerseyville awoke to extreme pain in her side. An ultrasound in Brantford revealed that a cancerous tumour was growing in her kidney. Sue underwent surgery to have her kidney removed and no signs of cancer were found after the operation.

During a follow-up appointment in 2017, a CT scan revealed the presence of several small tumours in her lung. The cancer had returned and was spreading.

For the next stages of her care, she required the expertise of the specialized team at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre. Sue was placed under the care of Dr. Sébastien Hotte and his oncology team.

After a biopsy was taken, it was determined that she qualified for a clinical trial being conducted by Dr. Sébastien Hotte. Sue agreed to participate in the study, which involves a regimen of oral chemotherapy and infusions of medication to boost her immune system.

Sue is still in active treatment and she is responding well to the targeted therapy. Her tumours shrunk considerably and she is optimistic about the future.

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Joanne Kiers

Joanne KiersJoanne Kiers of Dunnville had a chronic cough that did not go away. She was shocked when she was diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2013 – despite never smoking a day in her life. 

Treatment began with surgery to remove a portion of her lung. Unfortunately, the cancer began to spread throughout her lymphatic system. Joanne started a regimen of chemotherapy in early 2014, which was successful in slowing the cancer’s progression. 

The cancer became aggressive again in 2019, so she began an innovative program of treatment. Testing revealed that her cancer had a specific genetic mutation that could be targeted with oral medication.

Joanne’s cancer journey continues and her therapy is ongoing. She looks to the past with gratitude and toward the future with hope.

“Thanks to the incredible doctors and staff, I’m able to enjoy my time with loved ones and I can continue my passion of working with animals in need."

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Syl Corsini

Syl CorsiniAfter Syl noticed an unusual lump on his leg in 2009, testing at his local hospital led to a diagnosis of lymphoma.

He underwent six months of chemotherapy at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre. Unfortunately, the cancer became more aggressive, which necessitated a stem cell transplant in 2014.

A few months later, scans showed that the cancer had spread into his spine and tumours were growing throughout his body. He was out of treatment options and given less than a year to live.

Hope came in 2016 when Syl participated in a clinical trial. Syl’s tumours began to shrink and his cancer cells disappeared. He has been cancer-free for three years thanks to his treatment.

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