2020 BRIGHT Run

Let's Bust a Move

2020 has been a hard year for all of us...in so many ways.  For our family, my diagnosis of breast cancer early this year caught us all by surprise.  Unfortunately cancer is never convenient, ideal or welcomed.  But its made its home smack in the middle of ours, and it certainly wasn't invited.  But while the road has been long and hard, with the strength of those we love we are held and lifted up.  Unfortunately, this isn't the first time breast cancer has touched our family - but it most certainly better be the last!  As a way to fight breast cancer we are participating in the Bright Run on Sat Sept 12, 2020 to support Breast Cancer research at Juravinski Hospital.  Please feel free to sponsor and/or join our team and walk/run with us.  The Bright Run is 'virtual' this year due to COVID, so you can literally join us wherever you are!  (My sister and brother-in-law are joining us virtually on the walk/run all the way from Florida!  Yay!)

Friends, we love you!  Thanks for the ways you've been strength and hope to us!! 

And please know that every cent donated means the absolute world to us and blesses our hearts so!


Jerilee and Mark + family + friends

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