2018 Climb for Cancer

Inspired 2.0

We are Team Inspired.

As we embark on our 3rd year climbing -- we arrive with more survivors in our midst.  We hope to flood the stairs with a sea of red once again this year.  Last year we were almost 100 climbers and the day stands out as a highlight of the year.  We will be ready to hit the stairs again this year, our heads and hearts full of love in memory of those who stand beside us, having won their battles, those we have lost, those who continue to fight and those who will fight in the future.

Cancer is becoming all too common in our experience.  By supporting events such as this, we hope we can make some small difference in the lives of those who fight and those who treat them.

Please come out and join us.  

When you join our team if you could commit to raising any funds possible for Juravinski (in any amount possible) that would be most appreciated.

If you can't join our team, please consider providing any possible donation.

We look forward to seeing everyone out on the field on May 12!  Our team climbs at 12:00 Noon so please select that time slot.



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