2020 BRIGHT Run


Welcome to the 'SuperMoobs' Team!


Thank you for your support and checking out the SuperMoobs Page!  Did you know?  Breast Cancer affects men too!  Just less than one percent of Cancer patients are men.  We're a rare breed, but that doesn't make the challenge any different!

As Team Captain, I started my breast cancer journey in 2018.  I noticed a bump and thought to get it looked at as soon as it was uncovered.  Luckily, my family doctor recognized that men can also get breast cancer and had me screened through an ultrasound that very day!

This led to a trip to the breast assessment centre where I had a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy.  The investigation was thorough and immediate and shortly thereafter, I was booked for my mastectomy.  Chemotherapy and radiation treatments followed.  It was an incredible year!

I understand the challenges, the grief, fears and concerns that come with breast cancer.  Once you have been diagnosed, your life changes forever.  It affects your health, wellbeing, energy, self-image... it takes a long time to adjust to the new normal, but with the right attitude and the support of people like your new 'Juravinski Family', it can be overcome!

Thank you for supporting my efforts to thank the great people of the Juravinski Cancer Centre through BRIGHT Run.  Every dollar we raise is going to a great cause!  If you'd like to join me as a participant or volunteer, please feel free to contact me to learn more about how you can get involved!






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