McMaster Children's Hospital Foundation Kindness Project

Fern Hill School

Teaching our children the importance of Kindness and Compassion is a core value at Fern Hill.
To spotlight this important character trait throughout the month of May, Fern Hill is joining the McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation in their wonderful Kindness Project. 

We have two goals. The first is to have our students demonstrate their kindness and compassion by completing acts of kindness that are tangible and recognized by the people they are intended to help. The second is to teach our students about the importance of making a contribution and giving back to their communities through a donation to the Hospital Foundation.
Fern Hill is proud to be a community partner with McMaster Children's Hospital. Many of our students were born there or head there in times of emergency. Throughout this pandemic, we have all recognized the immense contribution made by our healthcare workers and hope our support of this project shows our gratitude for all they continue to do. 

To make a donation to your child's House, please click on the house link to the right and not the DONATE NOW button at the top. Thank you for your help in validating your chid's Acts fo Kindness and for supporting Mac Kids!

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