Welcome to the 2021 Spring, Hope and Happiness Art Exhibition! This is our second exhibit in honour of children and families that are fighting childhood cancer, and 100 per cent of the money we raise will support amenities for patients and families in the 3B2 inpatient oncology unit at McMaster Children's Hospital.

We invite kids ages 18 and under to create a work of art to go with the theme of Spring, Hope and Happiness. Our goal is to spread joy to children and families living at the Hospital through art. 

While fighting cancer, families sometimes have to stay at McMaster Children's Hospital in isolation for long periods of time, regardless of the coronavirus. Art can be uplifting to look at, it can brighten your day and make you feel good! We want to decorate the inpatient unit and share some beautiful creations with uplifting messages of hope for spring. 

No child should have to battle cancer, and no family fights alone. Together we can make a difference. Thank you for participating in our 2021 Art Exhibit! ❤️



Registration is free! When you register, you will get your own page to upload your art and collect donations.  If you have friends or siblings that want to display their art as well, you can make a team page with them and collect donations together.  The art will be posted on the ward, on our online gallery and through various social media platforms.


If you are part of a school, please find your school name in the team section and register from there.