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Dr. Candace Nayman was a Year 3 Pediatrics Resident at McMaster Children’s Hospital who tragically passed away on Thursday, July 28th 2022. Candace was a beloved sister and daughter, a friend and confidant, a mentor and guide, an athlete and coach, and an inspiration to many. In her 27 years, she lived an active and full life through her love of world travel, frequent camping and outdoor adventures, passion for music and arts, and a wide network of friends, colleagues, and study partners. Candace was at ease among children, working as a summer camp counsellor, swim instructor, and often an on-call babysitter for friends, family, or colleagues in need.

She was dedicated to her craft as a Pediatrician, mentoring some of her best friends in medical school and undergrad in choosing the specialty, and taking on a wide range of electives in her time in residency. In May 2022, Candace ran 135 km and individually raised $2,000 as a part of McMaster Children’s Hospital’s Million Reasons Run over the month-long fundraiser. She spent time as a Board Member of the Professional Association of Residents of Ontario and as an active member of the McMaster Pediatrics Residency community. In the summer of 2021, she worked as a physician in Sault Ste Marie and had planned on travelling for an elective rotation in the Northwest Territories in the coming months.

Candace wished to breathe life and spirit into everything she did and at the time of her passing was able to donate organs to four individuals who will continue her legacy in their own lives.

The Nayman Family thanks you for making this donation to McMaster Children’s Hospital in Candace’s memory. We are honoured by your love for our daughter and your steadfast support throughout this time.

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